Posted on Thu, Jun 30, 2022:

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Freedom Rings

by Jill Lemming

Starry skies, and moonlit nights,
such beauty in our land...
we're so thankful for these blessings,
that come from God's own hand.

The right to vote, to have a choice,
In a nation proud and strong-
and on this Independence day,
we sing our Freedom Song.

We salute our flag so proudly,
and thank God for the chance to say...
"there's no country we love better,
than the good ol' USA!"

Today we'll gather together,
with our family and our friends...
giving thanks to our Heavenly Father
for the blessings that He sends.

Thank you, Lord, for America,
a place where we can pray...
we give You all the glory,
on this Independence day.

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