Posted on Wed, Jul 27, 2022:

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Ever wonder who buys the flowers for the altar each week? 

The bulletin board at the back of the church has a calendar where you can sign up to sponsor our altar flowers for a two week period or several two week periods anytime throughout the year.  The cost is just $35 for two weeks.  Many, weeks are still open and available for you.  You might wish to remember the birthday of a loved one in heaven or anniversary or other special date.  Or you may wish to honor a living person or persons.  We will place a note in the bulletin for you, while your flowers are on the altar.  At the end of the second week, you can take the flowers with you to decorate a grave or just to enjoy in your home.  If you don't wish to take the flowers with you, we donate them to a local nursing home who breaks them down into many small bouquets for their residents. The cost is $35 for two weeks. Just give Mary Kraft your cash or check to cover the number of weeks you select.

WAIT - - WHAT????

You say you would like to sponsor the flowers for a two week period to honor someone, but you don't go to our church???


You don't have to be a member of Emanuel (or even come to our Sunday service) to sponsor the altar flowers.  Call or email the pastor or John Elicker and we will let you know what weeks are available and plan for your payment.  We will even send you a copy  of the bulletin and a picture each week your flowers are on the altar. This will be done by email or text messaging.

Call if you have any questions.

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