Posted on Fri, Sep 6, 2019:

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In 1985, a group of Christians realized that hot meals were served at Our Daily Bread every Monday-Friday, but a hot meal wasn't available on Saturdays & Sundays.  This group, from various denominations gathered in the kitchen and cooked hot meals, which were then taken to parking lots to feed the homeless on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Every homeless, needy, & hungry person that came into the line was able to receive a hot meal. 

The number of meals served per weekend in 1985 averaged from 35 to 40 meals. Today, the number of meals served per weekend often exceeds 200.  


On Saturday, September 14th, we need volunteers to meet at the church at 4:15 PM to load vehicles and go out to the 2 locations to distribute the food.  We are finished around 7(ish). 

Helping Hands is a local organization in York City, with which Emanuel Church has participated for over 25 years.

There are 2 stops to feed anyone who is hungry. We will do this on Saturday (September 14th). We are asking you for cash donations as we have a planned menu that we follow. This allows us to purchase all of the food, drinks and paper goods so we have the same materials to work with at each stop. It is fine to make a donation after this date.

Helping Hands serves food each Saturday and Sunday. Different churches sign on to provide the meals for the year. We do it 2 times per year.

It takes about 10 people. We will do a hot dinner with a drink and desert. Then we give each person a snack sack for the next day consisting of a sandwich, cookies and a piece of fruit. Salem Lutheran Church prepares the snack sacks and will help with the distribution.  To join us, please come to the church at 4:15 PM to go with us to distribute the meals. If you forgot to sign up, no problem, come out anyway. This sharing ministry is a Christian growth experience you won't soon forget. Donations can be made by marking your regular envelope, talking with Linda or Lew Elicker or clicking on "Make a Donation" on the Home page of this web site. You can also send a check to the church by snail mail (please mark your check "Helping Hands"). The Church address is on the HOME page.

If you are not a member of Emanuel Church or Salem Lutheran but would still like to come out and help us while meeting some of the folks from Emanuel and Salem, we would love to have you join us. Or if you would like to offer financial help with this ministry, you can send a check (marked Helping Hands) to the church address on the HOME page, or go to the HOME page and click on "Make a Donation". If you make your donation on-line, please email the webmaster to advise him where you would like your donation used. (

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Won't you help us follow Christ's commandment to "Love One Another"?

Jesus said, When you help the least of these, you are helping me.

I can't think of a better reason to take part in this ministry.

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