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Tue, Aug 08 2017
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Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy and Certification

There's a lot of information out there in the world of Christian theology, but there's a shortage of high-quality theological materials for lay people. is pleased to partner with Wesley Theological Seminary to create the Wesley Lay Academy, which brings the great courses they provide into an online setting.  This program offers an answer by providing courses with video lectures and educational materials from today's top theologians.  The courses are theologically rich and deep, but accessible to those not attending a seminary.

Earn a Lay Certification, or take courses a la carte

Take six Wesley Lay Academy courses to earn a Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Certification.  There is no "starting course" - you may begin your work with any course.

Two required courses:

Methodist identity:  Our Story (8 weeks)

Methodist Identity:  Ouir Beliefs (8 weeks)

Choose four of nine electives:

Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith (12 weeks)

A Life Worth of the Gospel (6 weeks)

Simply Christian (10 weeks)

Women Speak of God (6 weeks)

Serious Answers to Hard Questions (10 weeks)

Religion and Science:  Pathways to Truth (8 weeks)

Devotion to Jesus:  The Divinity of Christ in Earliest Christianity (8 weeks).

In God's Time:  The Bible and the Future (10 weeks)

Journey Through the Psalms (7 weeks)


Alternatively, anyone - lay or clergy - can enroll in any of the coursers available from the Wesley Lay Academy. regularly offers these coursers using one of our own instructors, but churches may also host many of the Wesley Lay Academy courses using their own course facilitators through BeADisciple's Congregational Partner's program. 


Read more about this program at:


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